Rahij Ramsharan

Computer Science undergrad at National University of Singapore

Work Experience

Company Position Description

New York, NY [Summer 2015]
Forward Deployed Engineer Intern
Stack: Vertica, HDFS, Parquet, Java, AngularJS, Typescript, JRuby, Sinatra
  • Built custom parsing and load drivers on top of Vertica to load terabytes of files 35% faster than before, using Apache Parquet and Hadoop
  • Built a web service for an encrypted data store so that internal apps can access the data over HTTP(S)
  • Built a replacement for a Data Analysis tool that was on Excel into a web app that drove user adoption of the Palantir platform by 75% at a CPG company
San Francisco, CA [Fall 2014]
Software Engineer Intern
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Hive, CoffeeScript, LESS
  • Built a multi-threaded data backfill and monitoring tool for Hive schema changes that automated this workflow of the data science team
  • Worked on the recommendations team and implemented algorithms that improved readers engagement by 40% (measured by A/B tests)
  • Created a data pipeline in Hive to import analytics data into an in-house A/B testing framework
  • Implemented an admin panel front end for an in-house A/B testing framework
Menlo Park, CA [Summer 2014]
Software Engineer Intern
Stack: Java, HBase, Apache Thrift, Hack
  • Wrote an environment agnostic Java framework to execute read/write map-reduce jobs on a massive, distributed hbase cluster
  • Wrote map-reduce cron jobs on the framework that saved TBs of space by purging obsolete data and verified data integrity of Facebook Messages.
Palo Alto, CA [June 2013-Dec 2013]
Software Engineer Intern
Stack: Ruby on Rails, Python, Cassandra, Riak
  • Fraud Prevention: Designed and implemented guards and algorithms to prevent credit card chargebacks and Groupon scams in national deals.
  • Prototyped and benchmarked data store clusters in Cassandra, Riak and HBase. Built HTTP APIs for the same.

Side Projects

Co-founder - ClockWorks [defunct]

ClockWorks is a web platform that helps trading skills and/or time for money. Users who need to do errands, need a photographer for an event etc can post their work on the platform and other users complete it in exchange for money.

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages
    • Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, Javscript
  • Web Frameworks
    • Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
    • nodeJS
    • Flask (Python)
    • Codeigniter (PHP)
  • Javascript, CoffeeScript, Typescript, HTML/HTML5/CSS
  • BackboneJS
  • mySQL, sqlite3, mongoDB, Redis, HBase, Hive
  • git


  • Bachelor of Computing in Computer Science at National University of Singapore [2011 - Present]